’20 Week Five Recap

The Quiet King

The LeBronto Blue James haven’t made a ton of noise this season, but through Week Five, they stand alone atop the League Standings. As the San Francisco Studs took their first loss of the season to Jackal Attack, LeBronto overcame The Thor and His Hammers by a score of 144.42 to 112.08 and moved to 5-0 on the season. Just as the Preseason Power Rankings emphasized, the Blue James’ have gotten the MVP caliber Jose Ramirez back after a sluggish 2019 season. Max Kepler leads the team’s hitters with 84.5 points on the season and Jose Ramirez is right behind him with 80 points of his own. Dinleson Lamet comes off a strong outing in Week Five, where he took a no-hitter against the Diamondbacks into the seventh inning, and leads the LeBronto pitching staff with 71.42 points so far in 2020.

Starting a Cycle

PED-co Park got off to a rough start this season, falling in victim to an 0-4 record entering Week Five. Matched-up against a strong opponent in Super Saiyin Shanobi, PED-co sluggers Charlie Blackmon (33 points), Christian Yelich (27.5 points), C.J. Cron (27 points) and Matt Chapman (26.5 points) hit like their cycles finally started kicking-in … get it? P-E-D…co Park…? Lance Lynn played his part with a 17.75 point performance and Liam Hendricks keeps rolling with his fifth save on the season and 12.5 points during Week Five. Can this cycle for PED-co stay strong or will they start to realize the long-term affects of their substance intake? (Fine Print: No one is actually taking ‘roids)

The (New) Kid – El (Nuevo) Nino

“The Kid” has always referred to one of the greatest of all-time, Ken Griffey Jr. But when the MLB Players’ Weekend roles around these days and everyone displays a nickname on the back of their jersey, “The Kid” (well, in Spanish – “El Nino”) resides on the back of Fernando Tatis Jr. And man, if Junior had to pass the nickname torch onto anyone in the league, this is probably the perfect guy. Tatis Jr. at 21 years old, has taken the league by storm, currently leading the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League hitters with 122.5 points and leading the MLB in Home Runs, Slugging Percentage and On-Base Plus Slugging Percentage. The San Francisco Studs still lead the Hum Babe Dynasty League in Total Points Scored for the 2020 season, and with a player like El Nino in their dugout, it’s easy to see why.


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