FEATURED LOOK | San Francisco Studs

The San Francisco Studs General Manager is one of the most active participants in the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League. After posting a 14-8 record in the 2019 season and losing in the first round of playoffs to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, the Studs have started the 2020 season 4-1, good enough for first place of the Northwest Division, and lead the League in Total Points Scored. Featuring Fernando Tatis Jr. this team is built on young talented hitters and appears to be ready to compete for years to come.

The Interview

1 – What is your favorite part of The Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League?

“The best part of the league is definitely the banter in the GroupMe; there is never a day that I’m not checking it. I just love how everyone is locked in and willing to talk and express thoughts and opinions.”

2 – What’s the story behind your team name – the San Francisco Studs?

“I am a Bay-Area native and a big Giants fan, so had to rep my hometown team. The logo I wanted to have the Giants’ colors and since my team got some beast players, they play like Studs.”

3 – What do you think of your team currently? Contender? Rebuilding?

“As one of the best teams in the standings right now, with a great young and talented roster, plus more to come in the pipeline… I consider myself a strong contender.”

4 – What changes would you like to make to your team right now? Any players you want to trade for? Prospects you hope develop?

“Right now, one thing that’s been a bit of an inconsistency is for sure my bullpen. Just lost [Aaron] Bummer to an injury and need to replace him; maybe need to trade for a pen arm or find someone in [Free Agency].”

5 – Of the other Hum Babe teams, who would you consider to be your rival?

“I think my biggest rival would have to be the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. They knocked me out of the playoffs last year and it felt good to beat them Week 1 this season. But, need to beat them when it counts – in the playoffs.”

6 – At the top of our Hum Babe Fantrax webpage is the banner of League Champions, in what season/year do you predict your team logo will be added to it?

“I predict either this year or next year I will be champion.”

7 – Anything else you’d like to share with the League and/or Media?

“The Studs are always on the prowl, always keeping tabs on names in Free Agency to add and will always find cheap gems, it’s our motto.”

Follow-Up Questions

8 – You said “The Studs are always on the Prowl,” in Week Five the prowling Jackal Attack got the best of your team. What did you think of that match-up?

“Jackal had starting pitchers throw during the last day that gave them the fire power to overtake me. I thought I had enough separation with my early lead to hang on but just fell short.”

9 – Anything you’d like to say to Morning Wood before your Week Six Match-Up?

“I am looking forward to the match-up versus the Comeback Guru, should be a good one. Hopefully I can put up the amount of points I did versus Somalia.”

10 – Sounds Like you think you’ll be one of two teams in the championship this season, who do you think the other team will be?

“The LeBronto Blue James. They are putting together a nice squad and definitely have caught my eye.”


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