HB TRADE ALERT: Betts, Altuve, Meadows

2020 TRADE #04 | COMPLETED August 14th | # OF OBJECTIONS: 1

In a blockbuster move, Mookie Betts heads to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms to join several other LA Dodgers, while Jose Altuve and Austin Meadows join the Super Saiyan Shanobi. When asked about the move, the Bridegrooms GM talked about what it takes to get a generational bat like Betts, “I felt like my pitching has always been my strong suit, and there are only a couple bats in the league I’d feel comfortable investing three assets into in exchange for a long-term solution; Mookie is one of those bats. I’ve just Betts my bottom dollar on the future of the Bridegroomn nation.” Super Saiyan Shanobi got off to a great start in the 2020 season, and has put themselves in contention for a playoff spot down the road. Typically, playoff contenders don’t part with a player like Mookie Betts, but when you can get two All-Star bats in return that have a chance to make you better than before, and, you get a draft pick for future growth – how can you not make the deal? The Shanobi GM had this to say, “It’s great we get two high caliber everyday position players, one that still has great potential as a young budding star, and another in Altuve, wherewe can get a couple more All-Star seasons out of. With the second round pick we can focus on pitching in next years draft. Really excited about the foundation of hitters we now have and can build off for years to come.”


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