’20 Week Six Recap

Down To The Wire

El Paso Border Patrol and Morning Wood both pulled impressive comebacks this week, getting enough point production from their players during the last MLB game of the week between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres. El Paso took the lead over The Thor and His Hammers with a two-run homer from Austin Barnes and secured a 194.5 to 187.58 victory. Morning Wood, frequently referred to as the “comeback guru,” put more gasoline on the fire of that nickname when the San Francisco Studs collected negative point performances from Chris Paddack and Fernando Tatis Jr. During the last day of the Match-Up, Morning Wood out scored the Studs 32.5 to 2, bringing the final scoreboard to totals of 222.17 and 211.58. El Paso moves into sole position of second place with a 5-1 record, while Morning Wood and San Francisco find themselves standing at 4-2 along with three other teams heading into Week Seven.

Tough Road Ahead

If playoffs started today, the following ten teams would find themselves in contention for the 2020 title: (1) LeBronto Blue James, (2) El Paso Border Patrol, (3) Sarasota Splitters, (4) Straight Outta deGrompton, (5) Jackal Attack, (6) San Francisco Studs, (7) Morning Wood, (8) Super Saiyan Shanobi, (9) Pablo and the Secret Weapons, and (10) Brooklyn Bridegrooms. As much effort as it’s taken to just be in the playoff picture, it’s clear that it’ll take even more to get through this playoff bracket; there is no easy road to the Championship. Will Super Saiyan Shanobi get a lift from Altuve and Meadows, Bridegrooms from Mookie Betts or will the Border Patrol continue to shock the world? Pebble Beach Mulligans, Thor and His Hammers, PED-co Park, and Super Smash ‘Stros are all on the outside looking in at this point with 2-4 records, can they make a push during the second half of the regular season?

Gotta Pick-Em All

Month Two of Hum Babe Dynasty 2020 Pick-Em saw the Brooklyn Bridegrooms beat the Wisconsin neckBeards in Week Four, Jackal Attack better the San Francisco Studs in Week Five and Super Saiyan Shanobi defeat the Super Smash ‘Stros in Week Six. Among all sixteen front offices, only three managed to correctly pick each of those outcomes – Jackal Attack, Sarasota Splitters and Super Smash ‘Stros. The LeBronto Blue James couldn’t overcome an incorrect pick in Week Four and lost their opportunity to re-up on collecting the Pick-Em Payout. Instead, Super Smash ‘Stros totaled 434 points over the course of the month, Sarasota Splitters 680 points, and the winner of this month’s payout, Jackal Attack, scored a total of 728 points over the three week duration. More good luck resulting from the new logo…


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