FEATURED LOOK | Super Saiyan Shanobi

The Super Saiyan Shanobi General Manager is a first year participant in the Hum Babe Dynasty, most notably making a splash on the trade block. Shanobi has already completed four trades in 2020, four of the league’s six total this year. After basically flipping his entire roster and now relying on new acquisitions like Cody Bellinger, Byron Buxton, Jose Altuve, Austin Meadows, Mike Minor and others, Shanobi will look to go Super Saiyan from their 3-3 record and into the postseason. Currently the leader of the Southwest Division is Straight Outta deGrompton with a 4-2 record, but Super Saiyan has outscored them over the course of the 2020 season so far and certainly shows promise of continuing that trend.

The Interview

1 – What is your favorite part of The Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League?

“My favorite part about this league is how vocal it is, with all the managers in the chat, the interaction is awesome. Being in this league is fun and how a great league starts is from the top, our Commissioner is great!”

2 – What’s the story behind your team name – the Super Saiyan Shanobi?

“My team name comes from two of my favorite shows, in those shows even though the main characters have an obvious edge of power, they always have people around them to help them achieve the overall goal. The people around them were more then just a team, they were family. Baseball is such a team sport you can’t win with one individual you have to win as a team.”

3 – What do you think of your team currently? Contender? Rebuilding?

“Our team has struggled with injuries and our bats are doing a good job, but with this being our first year in the league, we are just starting to get a grasp on what our team is capable of. We will look to start making some moves, maybe improve for the future, but also look for moves that make us an organization that constantly competes at the top of the league. We are competing this year even with the injuries but I think it’s time to go more of the rebuilding route and find a bit of a foundation of players to start rebuilding with.”

4 – What changes would you like to make to your team right now? Any players you want to trade for? Prospects you hope develop?

“Our pitchers are struggling. Throwing too many balls over the middle of the plate, so we would love to find some young arms to add to the rotation. We’ve found a few guys that we hope step up, just like our bullpen has done so far this year, but if we are going to become the team we want to be then we are going to need to find a young arm or two via trade.”

5 – Of the other Hum Babe teams, who would you consider to be your rival?

“We have two rivals, Thor and Jackal. It’s nice to have friends like those GMs to compete against, it makes winning taste better. Now we have already lost to Thor this year, and Jackal has a solid squad with a lot of firepower in their front office working around the clock. If we can find ways to beat both those teams, have winning records against them when the season is over, that’d be something this organization would be proud of.”

6 – At the top of our Hum Babe Fantrax webpage is the banner of League Champions, in what season/year do you predict your team logo will be added to it?

“Every year we aim to do the best we can in the moment. Unfortunately, right now we are struggling and realize the talent around the league is legit so as we build this thing up over the next couple years we hope to make moves towards that goal of being champion three or four years down the road.”

7 – Anything else you’d like to share with the League and/or Media?

“I think everyone in this league is great and the knowledge they have of the game makes things more challenging and competitive. This league is a great one to be in.”

Follow-Up Questions

8 – You’re in the southwest division, which is made up of all first-year managers. have you learned anything during this season that you wish you knew before your expansion draft?

“I feel like I’m still learning a little more as the season goes on. Seeing how my pitching staff has turned out, I wish I had used some of the earlier picks that I spent on hitters more toward focusing on pitching. We’ve got some good guys in the system still though. ”

9 – you’ve recently made three trades, adding guys like cody Bellinger, byron buxton and jose altuve. Who are you most excited to see in a shanobi jersey?

“I’m really excited to see Byron. Cody is obviously a fan favorite and an MVP but Byron is starting to show his real potential with the bat. He’s already an amazing defender, he should be fun to watch all around and to see him continue to grow.”

10 – are you looking to make anymore trades this season? any specific players you would like to get?

“We are looking to maybe move one or two more guys and acquire one more piece. We’ve been in talks with some managers about potential trades, other teams seem to not like talking very much, but we’re confident we’ll get something done with somebody before the deadline.”


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