HB TRADE ALERT: Buxton, Tanaka

2020 TRADE #05 | COMPLETED August 16th | # OF OBJECTIONS: 0

Super Saiyan Shanobi continues to shake up the League with blockbuster trades, this time landing Byron Buxton from El Paso Border Patrol in exchange for Masahiro Tanaka. Shanobi’s GM was thrilled to announce the completion of this trade, quoted saying, “Buxton is one of our favorite players in the League. Amazing ball player to build around and to fit the vision for our organization.” El Paso’s GM was more than comfortable parting with the talented young outfielder in order to fill their need for pitching, “A part of a concentrated effort to bolster the pitching staff, here with a pitcher that possesses significant upside. With a deep outfield, it made sense for the team to go down this path and part with someone from our position of strength.” Just a year ago, the Border Patrol was unloading aging stars like Paul Goldschmidt in an effort to rebuild their roster. Now they stand in possession of the League’s second best record and are willing to part with future stars if it helps them win now. Clearly the quick rebuild was effective for El Paso.


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