HB TRADE ALERT: Bellinger, LeMahieu

2020 TRADE #06 | COMPLETED August 17th | # OF OBJECTIONS: 8

Super Saiyan Shanobi sends away a haul of players to Somalia Pirates, and lands Cody Bellinger in return. “So happy to bring these player [Bellinger & Carson Kelly] in, just what this team is looking for to build around. Maybe had to give up a bit more than we would have liked for Bellinger but the value he brings not only onto the field but to the organization as a whole, we value that so much and he’s going to be worth every penny. That will show throughout the long career ahead of him here,” said Shanobi’s GM. Somalia’s GM radiated with confidence in front of the media members, “We play hard ball over here in Somalia. Capitalizing on Bellinger’s largely inflated value was not difficult and is really going to help us turn our season around. Believe me, I know baseball.” That message all the way from Somalia has been heard throughout the league, we’ll see if the Pirates can hold their own down the 2020 homestretch to postseason with this new group of starters.


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