’20 Week Seven Recap

Battle of Brothers

The Sarasota Splitters gave the LeBronto Blue James their first real run-for-their-money this season during Week Seven but couldn’t prevail. Perhaps the most impressive part of LeBronto’s victory, was that they beat the Splitters at their own game. The Splitters have topped the Points Scored by Pitchers all season, and for most of the 2019 season, so if you had told the Splitters GM that the LeBronto hitters would only outscore his hitters by three points during this Match-Up… he would have been pretty confident. Add onto that, tell the Splitters GM he was going to get 34.25 out of Shane Bieber and 28 points out of Gerrit Cole… how could that not be enough? The latter-half of the Blue James pitching staff was the difference. Seven of the eight pitching performances for LeBronto produced more than ten points, while Sarasota only produced that with four of their eight outings. LeBronto stands atop the league with a 7-0 record, and will face Super Saiyan Shanobi, Pablo and the Secret Weapons and the San Francisco Studs over the next three weeks. Reminder… the Splitters started the 2019 season with a 14-0 record… can LeBronto top that?

neckBeards for the Win

The neckBeards are in the Win column everyone! The best part of their first 2020 victory had to be the GM’s swag-walk into to the post-game interview, where he sat down at the microphone, said “My team is the greatest,” and walked out. Wisconsin finished the 2019 season third in the League’s regular season standings with a 18-4 record but hasn’t been able to get the same production this year. We’ve only just pasted the half-way point of the season, Wisconsin will look to carry this momentum through the second half and try to topple their Divisional Rivals in Sarasota, Somalia and Super Smash.

Supermajority Too Much?

Established in January 2019, the Hum Babe Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League had not seen a successful Veto of a trade until now. On August 16th 2020, the Hum Babe managers rallied to gather all ten votes required to Veto a Pending Trade – specifically against a trade that would have sent Luke Voit and Christian Vazquez to the El Paso Border Patrol, for what appeared to be not an adequate return, Bryan Reynolds and a 4th Round Draft Pick. Simultaneously, eight managers voted to Veto the recently executed Cody Bellinger trade between Somalia and Super Saiyan – not enough to veto. So the question is… is the required supermajority (70%+) of Veto votes too much for future seasons? Perhaps the most notable argument for reducing the requirement is because not every managers see the Pending Trades before they are executed and therefore don’t even consider vetoing. Pablo and the Secret Weapons GM, in reference to the Voit trade, said, “I don’t plan to veto. My view is it’s up to the managers on what’s a good deal for them,” while LeBronto spearheaded the movement against the trade saying, “Would have made more sense if that was a 1st Round Pick, not a 4th. Even if it’s a rebuilding trade, that’s not enough return for Thor.” With the trade standing at a collected nine of ten veto votes and only a few hours left in the voting period, the Somalia Pirates GM, who being in Somalia is in a completely different time zone and hadn’t logged into see the trade yet, submitted the following statement, “After careful evaluation and thorough analysis, I cannot allow this trade to be executed,” and with that, the trade was canceled. But should the Bellinger trade have been cancelled too? Is eight of fourteen votes (57%) enough to cancel a trade? Something that needs to be carefully considered prior to the 2021 season.


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