’20 Week Eight Recap

Bragging Rights

During Week Eight, three of the League’s elite teams battled for the high point bragging rights. LeBronto had an interesting week, seemingly taking two of the four days off and pouring points on the other two days. Day one saw the Blue James score just fourteen points, and day three just thirty-seven, two of the least productive days any team in the Hum Babe Dynasty League had during Week Eight. Nevertheless, guess who won the high point and stayed undefeated? LeBronto posted a 112 point day on August 18th and a monumental 148.5 points on August 20th, bringing their weekly total to 311.58 and good enough for Week Eight Bragging Rights. Jackal Attack surpassed the 300 point mark thanks to six players posting more than twenty points, namely Lucas Giolito with 38.25 points. Morning Wood has seven players over the twenty point mark and was led by Kyle Tucker’s 40 points.

MVP Candidates Head-to-Head

The Sarasota Splitters and San Francisco Studs battled their way through Week Eight, but the highlight of this Match-Up was seeing the 1st Overall Fantasy Player in 2020, Shane Bieber, and the 2nd Overall Fantasy Player, Fernando Tatis Jr. go head to head. These two have consistently bounced back-n-forth between the one and two spots for total points scored; Tatis Jr will take a lead inbetween Shane Bieber’s starts and then Bieber will reclaim the lead. More than half way through the season and these two players find themselves more than thirty points ahead of the 3rd best player in the League. Will these guys continue to produce at this level and claim the MVP crown or can #3 Mike Yastrzemski, #4 Anthony Santander, #5 Mookie Betts, or another player steal it from them with a second half push? The Week Eight Match-Up went to Shane Bieber and the Sarasota Splitters, moving both their record and the Studs’ record to 5-3 on the season.

The 10 Seed

One of the more notable rule changes for the 2020 COVID season is the addition of two more playoff seeds, giving a total of ten teams a chance to win it all in lieu of the typical eight teams. Following the Week Eight results, it’s clear that the tenth seed won’t be decided until the last week. If Playoffs started today, Super Saiyan Shanobi would have rights to the tenth seed, while The Thor and His Hammers would sit in the eleventh seed and not make the playoffs. These two teams are currently both 3-5 and so the seeding is determined by a tie-breaker, Points Scored over the entire season. Through eight weeks, Shanobi leads Thor by 176 total points but Thor just outscored Shanobi for the third time this season and may be getting hot at the right time. Both teams have made significant changes to their rosters this season via trade, but the trades haven’t necessarily been of the same strategy. Shanobi has been collecting hitters that are ready to produce now, while Thor just sent their most productive hitter to the LeBronto Blue James in exchange for the best catching prospect in all of baseball. Can Thor continue to make a push toward the 2020 playoffs? Or will they let Shanobi take the ten seed and instead fix their eyes on young prospects for the seasons to come?


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