HB TRADE ALERT: Lynn to Splitters

2020 TRADE #09 | COMPLETED August 26th | # OF OBJECTIONS: 1

The Sarasota Splitters GM sat down for a brief press conference Tuesday afternoon as his first trade of the 2020 season was finalizing. He led things off with the following statement, “We’ve recently made a focused effort to be a ‘buyer’ at the 2020 Trade Deadline. Pitching has always been our calling-card as an organization, and we are excited to add Lance Lynn to the staff. Unfortunately we swung-and-missed on our attempts to add a big bat to the lineup via trade, so we responded by digging deeper into our organization philosophy, confident that our pitching staff will come through when postseason rolls around.” When asked what ‘big bats’ the Splitters had ‘swung-and-missed’ on, the GM revealed, “A couple guys, but mainly Nelson Cruz. Unfortunately Wisconsin [neckBeards] wasn’t willing to consider dealing him, and understandably so.” PED-co Park had no comment on the trade but adds two instant contributors for their 2021 campaign in Joe Musgrove and JaCoby Jones.


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