HB TRADE ALERT: Voit, Rutschman

2020 TRADE #08 | COMPLETED August 24th | # OF OBJECTIONS: 2

Thor’s GM had achieved a career milestone with the completion of this trade, telling media, “We’ve been eyeing Adley [Rutschman] since before the draft. Last year’s draft we had a focus on building our MLB roster up, be it we had the disadvantage of being in the new manager’s pool, we couldn’t get him where we wanted him. We’ve been in trade talks with LeBronto since before the season even started. All good things come to those who wait I guess, because when LeBronto was looking to add to his championship caliber team, they knew who to ask and what to offer. Adley, in our eyes, is that kind of Superstar we are looking for and can’t wait to see his game transcend in the next upcoming years. We weren’t able to quite fill up our Farm System at the beginning of the year but now we’re juiced and look forward to continuing to tack on.” The LeBronto Blue James on the other hand were not exactly energetic about letting their Catching prospect walk away, simply the cost of the winning-now-business. Their GM had this to say, “We are on top of the standinga but not when it comes to Points Scored. We’re definitely a contender, but bringing in Voit at the cost of our best prospect is what we felt we needed to help us get the job done this year.”


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