HB TRADE ALERT: Morton, Kirilloff, 3-Team Deal

2020 TRADE #10 | COMPLETED August 26th | # OF OBJECTIONS: 2

Hum Babe Dynasty’s first ever three-team trade was completed the other night between The Thor and His Hammers, Pablo and the Secret Weapons and the Sarasota Splitters. Thor and Pablo had previously agreed to terms on their deal, when Thor brought the Splitters into the mix by turning Kristian Robinson around, with Taijuan Walker, for Alex Kirilloff. Charlie Morton is the big name on the move, joining the defending champion Pablo and the Secret Weapons. All three GM’s involved met with media as the trade finalized, quotes from each are included below.

The Thor and His Hammers GM:

“We saw a beast on the market that we think we will be able to call up sooner than later,” referring to Alex Kirilloff, “We are looking to see as many young players as possible while we wait for our developing studs. Allard a good pick up too if he can get his command down.”

Pablo and the Secret Weapons GM:

“If there’s one thing our team has learned, it’s to never count yourself out. We’ve had some tough injuries but our pitching has really stepped it up to keep us in this thing. We think Chalire is the perfect guy to lead our rotation, along with Jack Flaherty, through the playoffs while keeping our young core intact. Mitch and Kristian are very good young players who will be missed, but you have to give up talent to get talent We wish them the best in their careers going forward.”

Sarasota Splitters GM:

“We actually became apart of this three-team deal after inquiring Thor about [Charlie] Morton’s availability. Learning that Morton was headed to Pablo and that Thor was receiving Kristian Robinson, who we think very highly of, we moved the conversation towards Taijuan Walker. Walker has had an impressive start to the season, fits in with our pitching philosophy, and could potentially be dealt to an MLB contender this season. Now, Alex Kirilloff has always been slatted as part of our organization’s future but given the chance to add both Walker and Robinson… as they say, ‘it’s a business.’ Splitters fans have a lot to look forward to in Kristian Robinson, plan on him being a forty-plus home run guy in the middle of our lineup here in the near future.”


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