HB TRADE ALERT: MacKenzie Gore

2020 TRADE #07 | COMPLETED August 24th | # OF OBJECTIONS: 0

The Thor and His Hammers have agreed to send Kyle Freeland and Christian Vasquez to Straight Outta deGrompton in exchange for one of the best pitching prospects in baseball, MacKenzie Gore. The deGrompton GM had this to say when asked about dealing Gore, “Looking at the way this season has played out so far, our club was looking to add a solid starter to the roster. The Thor and His Hammers are focused primarily on future seasons, while we aren’t willing to shift our focus from this season just yet. We were willing to sacrifice a possible solid pitcher in the future, for a proven consistent pitcher now. Our club liked the trade, and I think both parties got exactly what they were looking for.” deGrompton is certainly in the playoff picture at this point, and hang onto hope that 2020 Kyle Freeland continues to show up for the Rockies instead of the 2019 version of Freeland that had to be demoted to the minor leagues at one point. The Thor GM had reservations about letting Freeland go, stating, “It was tough to let go a Freeland. We were looking at a huge future with the Colorado Kid especially after this comeback COVID season. But when we looked deep in our lineup we felt like we still lacked Superstar talent. Freeland is a stud, hell of a pitcher, but if we want to compete for a championship we need Cy Young level arms. Gore has the potential to be that guy.”


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