’20 Week Ten and Eleven Recaps

LeBronto Proves Doubters Wrong

Due to the LeBronto Blue James’ recent struggles, the main stream media started to question if this team truly belonged in the #1 ranking. Consistently outscored by some of the other elite teams in the Hum Babe Dynasty, LeBronto had to prove doubters wrong in Week Ten, matched-up against the San Francisco Studs. Jose Ramirez and Kenta Maeda led the way to doing exactly that, with the High Point Total of the Week, LeBronto beat the Studs 275.75 to 234.33. The Blue Jays have since beat the Wisconsin neckBeards, moving to 10-1 on the season, and holds an early lead over Straight Outta deGrompton in Week Twelve. LeBronto can lock in the #1 Playoff Seed with a win this week, while a loss gives Jackal Attack and chance to claim it.


The 2020 Hum Babe Dynasty Playoffs will give ten teams an opportunity to bring home the trophy, and of those ten teams, it looks like seven of them will be from the Northern League Conference. Seven of the eight total teams in the North have bettered the second half of the league, while just three from the South will make it – two of which are automatic bids from their Division Titles. Frontlined by the LeBronto Blue James, Jackal Attack and Morning Wood, the Northern League Conference seems to be the favorite to provide the 2020 Champion, versus the Southern League Conference’s Sarasota Splitters, Straight Outta deGrompton and Super Saiyan Shanobi. The playoffs are not formatted like MLB playoffs where the American and National League Conferences don’t meet until the World Series, but still, all of these fun facts do get recorded on the League History website page…

To Be Determined…

The team that will bear the honor of being the 2020 Hum Babe Dynasty Playoffs Number Ten Seed is still to be determined, and won’t be determined until the last day of the regular season, Thursday September 3rd. Teams in the mix that have the best odds of clinching a playoff spot include the El Paso Border Batrol and the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, while Super Saiyan Shanobi is on the fringe, and the Somalia Pirates and Pebble Beach Mulligans have a chance, but a slim one at that. These five teams range from records of 6-5 (El Paso) to 3-8 (PB) entering Week Twelve with Points Scored Totals ranging from 1985.83 (Brklyn) to 1758.08 (El Paso). Week Twelve determines who the roulette wheel will land on, and perhaps carrying most of the weight in that determination, the El Paso Border Patrol and Somalia Pirates Match-Up will be one to watch.


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