’20 Northern League Awards

2020 Northern League Teams: LeBronto Blue James, Morning Wood, Pablo and the Secret Weapons, The Thor and His Hammers, Jackal Attack, San Francisco Studs, El Paso Border Patrol, Brooklyn Bridegrooms

Northern Most Valuable Player

Freedie Freeman, 1B, Jackal Attack

A unanimous selection for the Northern Most Valuable Player Award, Freddie Freeman totaled a League-High 378.5 points during the 2020 season – thirty more points than any other player. Freddie played all sixty games during the shortened COVID Season and still managed to maintain a remarkable 6.31 Fantasy Points per Game Average.

Northern Cy Young Award

Yu Darvish, SP, Jackal Attack

Yu Darvish returned to his old Texas Ranger form during the 2020 season, averaging 23.5 Fantasy Points per Game, totaling to 283 points over his twelve starts. After recording ten Quality Starts, ninety-three Strikeouts and a 1.56 ERA, Jackal Attack’s Ace can now cap his season off with a Northern Cy Young Award.

Northern Rookie of the Year

Luis Robert, OF, San Francisco Studs

Luis Robert brings home the Northern Rookie of the Year Award after putting up 220.5 points for the San Francisco Studs in 2020, including 11 Home Runs, 31 RBIs and 9 Stolen Bases. (Note: Morning Woods’ Kyle Lewis put up 231 points in 2020 and won the MLB’s AL ROY Award, but was not in contention for the Hum Babe Award due to his eighteen games played in 2019.)

Northern Manager of the Year

LeBronto Blue James

Leading his team to an 11-1 Regular Season record and the 2020 Championship, the LeBronto Blue James GM was a unanimous selection for the Northern League Manager of the Year Award, and will certainly be in the conversation for future years to come.

Northern Comeback Player of the Year

Jose Ramirez, 3B, LeBronto Blue James

The LeBronto Blue James drafted Jose Ramirez with their first overall selection in the Inaugural Hum Babe draft two seasons ago, but certainly did not see valuable return for the pick during the 2019 season. Ramirez turned that story around in 2020, putting up 348.5 points over the course of the season, good for second best among all players.

Northern Reliever of the Year

Brad Hand, CP, LeBronto Blue James

Brad Hand was anchored the 2020 LeBronto bullpen during the 2020 season, recording 16 Saves, 29 Strikeouts and a 0.773 WHIP in just 22 Innings Pitched – totaling to 171 points for the season.


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