Week One Recap

LeBronto Sends A Message

LeBronto won the battle of the champs in 2021’s Week One and put up a League high 754.75 points. Encouraging signs for the Blue James include Byron Buxton’s 59.5 points and Jose Berrios’ 57.83, while Pablo saw Mike Moustakas’ 26.5 points and Trevor Rodgers 40.5 points fall short. The difference in the match-up was pitching, while the hitting lineups finished within half a point of each other, LeBronto’s pitching staff put up 108 more points than Pablo’s.

SCL Charlie Division

The Shot Call League Charlie Division has quickly asserted itself as potentially the toughest division of the season. Sarasota bested Brooklyn by a score of 722.92 to 699.83 and London topped Somalia 540.17 to 505.75 in Week One, but overall, the four Charlie Division teams totaled 127 more points than the SCL Ruth Division, 278 more points than the BCL Vic Division and 400 more points than the BCL Mays Division.

Beginners Luck?

Welcome to the Hum Babe Dynasty League! Whispers around the League are chalking it up to begineer’s luck, but the Say Hey Kids and Wally Mash have started their Franchise existences off 1-0. The Say Hey Kids beat the Pebble Beach Mulligans 554.83 to 535.92 and Wally Mash defeated the El Paso Border Patrol 582.5 to 528.25; each good for the 8th most and 7th most points in the League respectively. Call it whatever you want, these two teams undoubtedly have a shot to make the playoffs and compete in their first Hum Babe Dynasty season.


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