Week Five Recap

Battle in San Fran

The San Francisco Giant’s Black and Orange color scheme was very present in Hum Babe’s Week 5 Pick-Em Match-Up between the Studs and Say Hey Kids. Of the five Giants in the Match-Up, Brandon Crawford stole the show, leading the Say Hey Kids to victory with a 48 point performance. Buster Posey and Wilmer Flores put up 31 and 21.5 respectively for the Studs, but fell short in the 466-381 win for Say Hey.

Another Splitter Ace?

Just when you think the Splitters lucked out and cornered the market on the MLB’s current elite Starting Pitchers, they remind you that those guys were drafted early and developed within the organization. That reminder came loud and clear in Week 5 when John Means announced his presence with a No-Hitter. The Splitter Staff continues to be led by the expected names – Bieber and Cole – but guys like Burnes, Glasnow and Means continue to develop and impress, giving the Splitters a scary good future look. As Week 5 concluded, a Sarasota Splitter name could be found in a ridiculous eight of the fifteen spots among the list of Top Fantasy Points per Game Leaderboard.

Wild Card Picture

Week Five started to divvy up the field of competition in the Hum Babe Dynasty. Of the eight teams that found themselves 2-2 entering the week, only three would break the .500 mark on the winning side – Pablo, Say Hey and deGrompton. On the other side of .500, Morning Wood, San Fran, Pebble Beach, El Paso and Super Smash will look to climb back into the Wild Card race in the coming weeks.


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