Week Two Recap

hairy Tubmen Sneak Through

Week Two’s Match-Up of the Week saw a couple of General Managers square up that used to share their own baseball locker room, each looking for their first tally in the Win column. The hairy Tubmen entered the week with a tough 0-1 record, but the third most points across the HumBabe Dynasty, while the El Paso Border Patrol missed a Week One win of their own by just 14 points. Featuring an experienced cast of hitters with the likes of Marcus Semien, Trea Turner and Jose Abreu, it was the Tubmen pitchers that made the difference. Where El Paso’s pitching staff failed to put up better than Wil Crowe’s 21.83 points, the Tubmen ran Frankie Montas out for 40.17 points and Dylan Bundy for 34.67 points. The Tubmen tallied HumBabe’s 11th most points during the Period, while El Paso’s off-week total of 244.83 points wouldn’t have been enough to beat any other team in Week Two.

Early Upsets

If 2022’s first week was a one of evenly matched nail-biters, Week Two was one of Upsets. Most notably, the London Bag Club took down the Jackal Attack by a score of 449.33 to 381.75. Had that match-up been put to a Pick-Em vote, nobody would have flinched if the tallies had come in at 15-1 in favor of Jackal, but the Bag Club finished just 16 points away from a League Best Point Total. In addition to that, the defending champ Blue James fell to Straight Outta deGrompton and Wally Mash couldn’t handle the Super Smash ‘Stros. In all three of those scenarios, the victorious underdog didn’t overwhelm their opponent with Innings Played or Starting Pitcher Games Started (they each fell short in those categories) but just better performances from their roster’s supporting cast members. The historical HumBabe winner’s will chalk this up as a fluke week, but could we be seeing the start of a Standings shift for years to come?

Developing Youth

Rebuilding a roster can be a tedious process and often times, comes with an unpredictable timeline of when investments made in young talent will start to payoff. The 2022 Season has begged to differ with that logic through two weeks however. The London Bag Club specifically, saw Jazz Chisholm (24 yrs old) put up 36.5 points and Mr. Wander Franco (22 yrs old) score 22.5 in the upset of Jackal Attack. Simply looking at the list of top 2022 performers to date continues to reinforce that narrative as well. Eighty percent of the current top twenty players are under the age of 30, including young newcomers like Ty France (League Leading 108 points), Seiya Suzuki, Shane McClanahan, and Kyle Wright. These are the stories and player profiles that take a tedious Rebuild and turn it into a repeat contender. Time will tell if they can continue that push up the HumBabe Dynasty standings.

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