Week Three Recap

Brooklyn v Jackal

After taking down the Florida Squeeze and San Francisco Studs to open up the season, the Brooklyn Robins’ GM took to Twitter, saying “I’m starving, is it [Week 3] yet!? Jackal on the menu!” From there, the public debate between Jackal Attack and the Robins mainly focused on which one of their mascots would win the wilderness, perhaps means to keep their fantasy baseball strategies confidential? By Wednesday, the Brooklyn Robin strategy had presented itself – find as many possible Starting Pitchers through the Free Agent market as possible. The Robins used all five of their transactions during the Match-Up, totaling an added gross value of 22.58 points. While a proven effective strategy in years past, unfortunately, it very much backfired for the Robins this time around. In order to make those five transactions, five players were dropped, and after they were dropped they accumulated 63.75 points (41.17 points more than the players acquired). Nonetheless, even that swing wouldn’t have been enough to overcome Jackal’s 224.5 Hitting Points and 269.08 Pitching Points. Led by a 45 point effort from George Springer and a two-start 37.92 performance from Dane Dunning, Jackal was able to end the week on Twitter with this riddle, “What’s red, brown and blue all over? [A] little cockatoo bird that tries to tango with a Jackal. Welcome to the Jackal den [Brooklyn Robins.]”

Trade Market Waking Up

The HumBabe Dynasty has seen a fair amount of fluctuation in how the Trade Market has operated over it’s four year existence. At times, it has been nearly impossible to get a deal done, and at other times, it’s been hard to just stay aware of all the trades being executed. As the temperature of the 2022 Market starts to feel itself out, the LeBronto Blue James made a splash – a splash of Orange Juice let’s say – in their deal with the Florida Squeeze. Kyle Tucker, arguably a Top 10 Dynasty Fantasy Baseball player lands on LeBronto’s back-to-back championship roster in exchange for Jared Walsh, Alex Wood and Josh Rodgers. LeBronto is naturally looking for a win-now improvement in the addition of Tucker, and during Week Three, he outscored the three new Squeeze players by nearly 43 points. On the other side, the Florida Squeeze hope to bolster their pitching staff for years to come with the 31 year old Alex Wood and 27 year old Josh Rogers, while also adding 28 year old Jared Walsh to a top-tier collection of infielders: Ty France, Ozzie Albies, Matt Chapman, Carlos Correa and Bobby Witt Jr. Since this blockbuster, the London Bag Club and the Say Heys Kids swapped Marcus Stroman and Tarik Skubal (Stroman joining the Bag Club), and Pablo is in the process of adding Marco Gonzales and Willy Adames as the Orlando Splitters accepted their offer of German Marquez and Kris Bryant. More to come?

Carry On WayWARD

You would think landing a Top 10 Dynasty player via trade would be a slam-dunk highlight of the week during the LeBronto Blue James’ Week Three victory over the Super Smash ‘Stros. And while it certainly was a highlight to some extent, Kyle Tucker quickly turned red-hot after putting on the LeBronto jersey and totaled the League’s fourth most points with 57.5 in Week Three, it was very much overshadowed. On April 18th the LeBronto Blue James’ GM claimed Mr. Taylor Ward off the Free Agent market and has since seen the investment payback dividends good for a League leading 91 points; 70.5 of which came in Week Three. A mid-season roster addition like that certainly jogs the memory of starry Free Agency moves like the Orlando Splitters finding Corbin Burnes in July of 2020 and the Super Smash ‘Stros adding Shane McClanahan in April of 2023. The pending question, is will Taylor Ward find a way to produce similar long-term value for the Blue James? Or will he remain just a Week Three hero, or in other words, “a one-hit wonder” even though he had thirteen hits this week?


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